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Social care decision makers under pressure

It has emerged that the government will now not be releasing figures on how much each of its 3 options in its green paper on the future of adult social care funding will cost before the consultation closes next week.

Despite promises to the contrary, the figures, which would set out the costs and benefits of each option to the individual and the taxpayer, will not be out until next year.

The cynic in me thinks the delay says that the figures do not make good reading politically. Although, in fairness, it could be down to changes in policy since it was announced, such as Gordon Brown’s pledge to provide free home care to all those with critical needs.

But what it does mean – something that charities such as Counsel & Care have also pointed out – is that it makes deciding which of Labour’s options is best more difficult.

Given that some commentators have said that the future of adult social care rests on this decision – it is certainly one of the biggest decisions to be made in recent times – the pressure to get it right has just intensified for those taking part.

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